Hards Family Badges - Pin-on badges, "Hards Family Society", black lettering on pale green, light metal disc. price 40p plus s.a.e. (UK only)

Hards Family Newsletter - Individual back numbers 1 to 19, 21-22, 24-42 for 30p each plus postage.

Newsletter Guide - A full table of contents for all Newsletters to date, available on nine computer-printed A4 sheets. 1 plus postage.

All payments by cheques, in pounds sterling, should be made payable to The Hards Family Society. at the address below:

Please apply to the Editor / Treasurer who can also supply any further information.

Roger Hards
70a Park Road
BS49 5HH
(01934) 834780

e-mail: rogerhards@parkhyde.go-plus.net