January 2013

The Formation of the Society.

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The society was formed following a very successful first gathering held at Upper Hardres in Kent, Sussex, England on 14th July 1984. After several years research into the surname, Hugh Richard Hards of Ontario, Canada arranged the gathering with the help of Joanna and Mary Hards in England. We issue a twice-yearly Hards Family Newsletter (ISSN 0268-1021) to members worldwide, and arrange reunions every few years, the next one probably in two or three year's time. The society has collected and set out over a hundred family charts since its foundation. Many of them have been extended back and connected with other charts, so that some now extend to 200 or 300 people over ten or twelve generations, back into the early 18th century. There are now well over 4000 Hard(e)s, from the eighteen century to the present day, on our charts. (All the family chart information held about about living people is confidential and available only for family history purposes.)


(1) To maintain an association of those interested in the origin and history of the various sections of the Hards family and the relationships between them, and its variants e.g.Hard(e)s, Hard(r)(ess) etc.

(2) To encourage research into Hards family history; to maintain and extend Hards family charts; to promote the conservation of documents, photographs, monuments and other material of significance to the Hards family.

(3) To distribute to all members once or twice a year a newsletter containing reports of Society activities, of Hards activities and achievements and news of genealogical and biographical research into the Hards family; to hold meetings, social events or reunions from time to time.

The "Hards" Wild Cherry tree in the background was planted in the churchyard at Upper Hardres Church, Kent, during the society's Second Reunion on 19th April 1986.

Unfortunatley, since the planting of the tree the plaque has been taken by person/persons unknown.