Extracts from previous Newsletters. Issue 8 - July 1988


This photograph belongs to Mr Philip Hards of Chingford of who was given it from among the effects of his father's sister. It is believed to have been taken in the Brighton area of Sussex, and it probably includes a number of members of the Hards family, but nobody has been able to say who they are. Has anyone seen this photograph? Can you tell who these people are? We should be glad to hear from anyone who can help.

An Update

Extracts from previous Newsletters. Issue 27 - January 1998

Back in Newsletter 8 we printed a splendid old photograph of a large group of people, resting on a country walk, believed to been taken in the Brighton area of Sussex. Nobody had identified anyone, until Mrs Selma Hards wrote last Autumn to say she believed she could identify three of the people in it: James Hards(1857-1944), who was her late husband Terence's grandfather, his wife Mary, and his sister-in-law Hannah. That explains how the photo was amongst the effects of one of James's nieces. It seems likely that the photo was of a group of friends, not relatives, and that we shan't learn the names of the other eighteen people in it, or the dog.