Extracts from previous Newsletters. Issue 19 January 1994


Last year in HFN 17 we printed a letter from Robert Hard of Fenton in Michigan who had sent me details of a Hard Family Reunion that had been held in June 1992 at The Hard Family Log House in Green Leaf Park at Medina, Ohio, where, the press reported

"over a hundred descendants of the family who built the log house gathered together. Ranging in age from three months to those in their late eighties, members of the family came from California, Arizona, Louisiana, South Carolina, Texas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and from Columbus and Dayton, as well as the northeast section of Ohio.

Two interesting side notes – one couple celebrated their forty-seventh wedding anniversary by attending the reunion; and for the first time since the Civil War families from the South joined their northern relatives in a day that will long be remembered by all."

A separate sheet explained that the log house was believed to have been originally built about 1820 by Abraham Hard 2nd at Wandsworth Township, Ohio. It had recently been moved to its new site at Medina, and restored. Robert himself is a direct descendant of Abraham Hard, as he explained in his letter inHFN 17. He adds:

"I suspect that the Hards were followers of Hardrada and drew their last name from that association. When we were in Norway we took a ferryboat across a fjord called “Hardsanger”, which may also be an association.

There is a Hards family here in Livingstone County where we live. He was the County Sheriff here…. We are collecting material for a book on the family. We are very interested in a possible link-up between the HARDS and the HARD families. The St Olave’s connection looks like the best bet."

St Olave’s Church, In Hart Street, in the city of London is supposed to have been originally established by and for the various Scandiavians who settled in this country during the tenth and eleventh centuries. Robert believes there may be some evidence of family names available through that church. We have made enquiries, but have nothing to report yet.

The Editor