Extracts from previous Newsletters. Issue 45 Junuary 2007


This year our reunion was held way up in the mountains, very near Mount Rainier, the largest volcano in the state of Washington. A private citizen invited us to have our reunion on his property these last ywo years.He works with two great-great-grandsons of Harriett and George Henry Hards (chart 32), who emigrated here from Kent in 1884.[as descibed in our last Newsletter; Hards family goes west 1884.]

A good sized group camped out overnight, but because I am getting old and my health is not what it used to be, I just went up for the day. it is a beautiful spot, with room for the kids to play,no matter how the kids are! Many of us who started this reunion in 1988 are older not and our health is not what it was, and we didn't have as many different families represented. The great grandchildren of George and Harriettwho were there are Ted Watkins of Yakima, Karen Mazie of the Wenas Valley, and Dave Howatt of Everett, Washington. I didn't think to get a picture of the three of us together, but I did get some good pictures.

There was one special little guy - they call him "Tank" because he is such a solid built little two-year-old - Zeke, Dave Howatt's great-grandson. He had all the Mama's entertained; they were getting him to say different things. His best line was "What's up Doc?.

Dave Howatt is the one who started talking to me about a reunion in 1988. My dad, a grandson of George and Harriett, was very interested in how it was coming along. He passed away in April before we could have the reunion in July.

Shelena had been living in Alaska, hadn't seen any family for several long years. They were being transferred to down to this area and she sais she would sure come to the reunion if she could. She flew in, went to the dock to pick up her Jeep, drove to her brother's to borrow a tent and a sleeping bag, and went to the campsite! Hd not even seen the house they are buying, she could do that after the reunion.

She woild tell Zeke, " If you don't know them, they are your cousins!" We had some great food, some nice visiting, seeing folks we hadn't seen for a long time.

The young folks of the family have said the reunions meant so much to them as they grew up, they have taken over the planning and work of having them. I am glad to give it up!

The Editor