Extracts from previous Newsletters.

Issue 15 - January 1992

At the Fourth Hards Family Reunion on 13 July the weather was not at all kind to us. It was raining on and off most of the day, which must have discouraged many from coming to Upper Harderes, for we had a smaller attendance than usual. But, although the weather limited our activties, it did not spoil them, and it was good to meet again. The furthest most travelled were Ilona and Peter Hards and family from Munich, and Douglas Hards from Glasgow, who was the first arrival at the church gate. Others had come from Kent and Essex and London, from Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, and Devon.

There were welcome refreshments available in the church porch as members arrived, assembled, signed the Reunion Book, and looked again at the church and the Hardres monuments. We were given a friendly welcome by the Rev Paul Cox (who, with the Rev Richard Bateman now looks after Upper Hardres and seven other parishes). We are grateful to them for their hospitality, and to the church warden Mr Bruce Crawford for his help both before and on the day, as well as to Mr Christopher Chalk, although the weather prevented many of us from taking the opportunity he had given to stroll the grounds of Hardres Court. The weather also meant that there could be no photographs on the terrace, or picnics on the grass.

In the afternoon at Bossingham Village Hall Joanna, Mary, and Fred were again kept busy showing members some of the research records they have built up, and answering queries. Various family charts were also on display, and the Reunion Photograph album with its photographs of previous Reunions, including one taken at the Second Hardes Family Reunion in New South Wales the previous October. A delightful photograph of Susan and Hugh's daughter Caroline taken on her second birthday went some way to compensate for her family's absence.

Thanks to the ladies of the Stelling Minnis School P T A, we were able to enjoy strawberry teas and other refreshments in the hall. And the P T A were well prepared for the rain, with several tents for their stalls in the paddock beside the hall. A variety of interesting craft goods were on sale.

Athough the numbers were fewer and the weather less welcoming it was an enjoyable occasion, when fresh contacts were made, and family information collected, until the time came once more for us to go our separate ways.

The Editor